The RPPS Approach to Restorative Practices

At Rowellyn Park Primary School, we use the ‘The RPPS Approach to Restorative Practices’. This is intended to outline an agreed set of expectations and behaviours that are respectful, require responsibility and ownership from all parties and demonstrate a personal and collective pride in learning. 

The school’s Approach to Restorative Practices requires the active involvement of parents in the learning and behaviour of each student. Rowellyn Park seeks to foster this cooperative approach with parents through reports, parent-teacher interviews, phone calls, meetings, emails and Compass notifications. 

In encouraging and building this co-operative approach it is acknowledged there will be behaviours and events that occur that compromise this ideal.  When this occurs, the school will use a Restorative approach to repair damaged relationships between individuals and groups. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the incident, the school will inform and involve parents in these processes. Under some circumstances it will also impose a consequence withdrawing the student from certain spaces and activities. In instances that involve intentional violence directed at another member of the Rowellyn Park community, an internal or external suspension process will be followed.    

Rowellyn Park Primary School’s Approach to Restorative Practices is based on the following:  

  • All members of the school community will be respectful of each other and their race, gender, religion, cultural diversity and individual diversity. 
  • All members of the school community take responsibility for their actions, behaviours and attitudes towards self, others, personal belongings, the belongings of others and school resources. 
  • All members of the school community believe everyone is capable of continuous improvement by developing resilience through purposeful reflection 
  • All members of the school community take pride in their learning, behaviour and the learning environment. 
  • All members of the school community are expected to be respectful of the following rights: 

When there is concern that conflict has arisen, the following restorative process will be put in place: 

This approach will be conducted in an informal way for minor incidents and be embedded into classroom and yard duty practices.

Major incidents will require a formal restorative conference that involves an Inclusion and Engagement Learning Specialist and/or a principal, all persons affected in the incident and will be documented.  Any imposed consequence will be embedded in the restorative process that requires a response ‘that makes things right’ in relation to those who have been affected. Formal conferences will be recorded and will involve at least one follow up meeting depending on the incident and the outcome of the initial conference.

Where a Restorative approach has been previously conducted and subsequently the behaviour continues, the school may implement a consequence without a restorative approach.

Restorative practice is intended to move away from a punitive consequence. Rather it seeks to value and support those involved so that they feel empowered to take positive action to address the situation and move forward. Restorative practice is about being respectful of every member of our school community, encouraging responsible behaviour and actions.

The Rowellyn Park Primary School community believes that:

All students have the right to-All staff have the right to-All parents have the right to-
Learn as much as possible
Feel safe and comfortable in all areas of the school environment
Be treated with respect and fairness as individuals
Expect a learning program that meets their individual needs
Expect to be able to work in an atmosphere of order and cooperation
Feel safe and comfortable
Use discretion in the application of expected behaviours and consequences
Receive respect and support from the school community
Know that their children are in a safe, happy learning environment where they are treated fairly and with respect
Expect a positive approach to the implementation of our Restorative Practices policy

The Approach to Restorative Practices provides a framework for Student Behaviour, Rights, Responsibilities and opportunity to learn through consequences.  Any person who feels these rights have been breached should report their concerns.

Logical Consequences

A key component of the Approach to Restorative Practices is teaching about and using logical consequences to address appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

Appropriate BehaviourInappropriate Behaviour
Appropriate behaviour will be recognised by:
Awards at assemblies
Leadership opportunities
Positive feedback
Acknowledgement through the Rowellyn Road acknowledgment system 
Inappropriate behaviour will be addressed using a restorative framework  
This framework is used to address student behaviour in various settings and levels to:
Re-establish significant relationships
Ensure consequences for misbehaviour are relevant and meaningful
Foster and develop individual responsibility and empathy  

When these expectations are not being met, the following processes and consequences will be administered: