School Profile 

At Rowellyn park Primary School, all members of our school community embody our motto of ‘together we learn’. Our philosophy is to provide students with personalised learning to ensure they are both appropriately supported and challenged in a stimulating learning environment. A successful three-way partnership between the teacher/school, the parent /carer and the child are central to building the foundations for a successful experience at school.

In literacy, we adopt a Research based Structured Synthetic Phonics in the Early Years and place emphasis on the ‘Big 6’- Oral Language, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary & Comprehension.

In numeracy, emphasis is placed on the Mathematics Proficiencies- Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning and our teachers prpvide explicit instruction in the Big Ideas in Mathematics.

Across our curriculum programs, teachers ensure there is ongoing monitoring of student needs to target teaching and a tiered response to intervention and learning enhancement. This is achieved through our Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

Specialist programs at the school include Indonesian, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts and STEAM.

Learning is a lifelong journey and at Rowellyn Park, our staff are committed to continually developing their practices to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes for the students.

At Rowellyn Park, we follow the school-wide positive behaviour program (SWPBS), based on our co-constructed learning behaviours.

Students are part of either the Junior or Senior sub school, with a dedicated Inclusion and Engagement Learning Specialist available to support the wellbeing needs of the students.

We have a Year 6 Student leadership team and a Student Representative Council (SRC), with class representatives from across the school.

We have a therapy dog named Murphy. Murphy is a black Labrador who loves nothing more than to sit with students when they are feeling vulnerable, for extra support.

The school’s F-10 curriculum framework incorporated the eight learning areas required by The Education and Training Reform Act 2006  aligned with the Victorian Curriculum.

The school provides an accredited Out of School Hours Care Program.

Additional programs include Sports and Athletics, Bike Education, Dance, Drama, Choir, Runners’ Club and the Young Explorers’ Club.

The school’s buildings are designed around the perimeter of a central courtyard which includes seating and play areas. The classrooms are structured in pairs to promote team learning, flexible groupings and a collaborative learning environment. Our facilities include a designated, two storey STEAM centre and a new state-of-the-art gym. The school grounds offer a range of outdoor play areas for the students, whilst providing a quiet sensory space during break times.